AEMS offers intelligent, integrated, and completely open solutions for the control and monitoring of HVAC, lighting, access, energy management and other custom applications.

Our  Services:

  • BMS Design & Installation
  • BMS Maintenance & Support
  • BMS Bureau Services Offering 24/7 Monitoring of Critical Plant
  • Energy Management , Monitoring & Reporting
  • Automatic Meter Reading and Billing Systems
  • BMS Consultancy

Our integrated building automation and energy management solutions provide for significant efficiencies, maximum cost savings, reduced maintenance, and unmatched reliability, Our open system innovation helps building owners, maintenance contractors, and consulting engineers to achieve a higher standard of green stewardship and durable performance.

Our Building Controls solutions are seamlessly scaleable from small systems to large, multi- building multi-site solution. Intuitive easy to use interfaces at all levels display information for everyday use by occupants.Our open protocol, web-based systems allow  us to deliver higher performance, lower cost systems that allow access to critical building information from virtually anywhere at anytime without the need for expensive, proprietary front end systems and just as importantly, no customer “lock-in”.



  •  Web-based Building Management and Control Systems providing intelligent, integrated, real-time control.
  • Web-based Automatic Meter Reading and billing systems offering real-time access to critical energy consumption.
  • Information for building owners, factors and social housing landlords.
  • Wireless, battery-less sensing solutions enhancing building automation systems' adaptability and efficiency.
  • Full line of Open System solutions based on Lonworks, Bacnet, M-Bus and Modbus on a common hardware platform.